Why Do Turtles Eat Rocks?

The word “turtle” comes from the Malay name for this amphibian’s soft shell, which forms first and is then followed by another one. The physical appearance of a turtle varies depending on its habitat and living conditions. Turtles may be aquatic or strictly land-dwellers; some species even live in trees!

Turtles eat rocks because they are a source of calcium. If your turtle eats a rock, you should put it in the water and wait for it to pass naturally.

Why is my tortoise eating stones?

A: There are a few reasons why your tortoise might be eating stones. One reason is that it may be trying to digest the calcium in the stones and another reason is that it could be trying to get rid of parasites or mites.

Baby river turtles eat mostly small invertebrates, such as worms and mollusks. As they grow older, they will consume larger prey including fish and crabs. Reference: what do baby river turtles eat.

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