What Water Turtles Eat?

Turtles are well known for slimy, coiled shells that both protect them and allow a water-based lifestyle. Despite the turtle’s reliance on natural resources, they still face threats to their continued existence. What are some of these threats?

The “types of aquatic turtles” are a diverse group. They can be found in freshwater, saltwater, and even brackish water. The diet of these animals varies depending on the species.

How many times a day should I feed my turtle?

A: This is a difficult question. Turtles are very individual animals, and what works for one turtle may not work for another. Its best to consult with your local veterinarian about how often you should feed your turtle.

The “what can turtles eat from human food” is a question that many people have. They are interesting animals, and they will eat anything that you give them.

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