What Do Flatback Turtles Eat?

A flatback turtle is a freshwater turtle that lives in rivers and streams of southern Asia, including China. They have long flattened shells, hence the name. The shell flattens as it grows to protect its soft body from sharp rocks or other objects on the river bottom while swimming.

The “where do flatback turtles live” is a question that many people have asked. They are found in the southern United States and Mexico.

How do turtles find food?

A: Turtles have a very specific way of finding food. They use their sense of smell to find the scent of their prey and then they follow that trail. They also have a very good sense of hearing, so they can hear when something is nearby.

The flatback sea turtle is a sea turtle that is found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This animal has a flattened carapace with no keel, which makes it difficult to swim. They are herbivores that feed on algae, sponges, and other plant life. Reference: flatback sea turtle description.

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