What Do Baby Softshell Turtles Eat?

Baby softshell turtles are born with very little to no protection from the outside world, so it is important for parents and owners of baby turtles to provide them a safe environment full of fresh water, hiding places, plants and food. Baby softshells should be fed a diet that consists mostly of insects such as crickets or silkworms but can also eat grasshoppers and meal worms which they will dig out themselves.

Baby softshell turtles eat lettuce, but they also enjoy algae and other plants. They can be found in the wild near water.

How do I get my baby turtle to eat?

A: You can try to put the turtle in a small bowl with water and some food, but this is not guaranteed to work. If you want to make sure your turtle gets enough food, you should buy it a small tank with a lid that has holes for air.

Baby softshell turtles are omnivores. They eat plants and small invertebrates, but they also eat meat. Some spiny softshell turtles will eat anything from fish to frogs. Reference: what do spiny softshell turtles eat.

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