What Do Baby Red Ear Turtles Eat?

Baby red ear turtles, also called painted Turtles or cooters, are a species of turtle found in North America. They live primarily around the Great Lakes and most populations can be found along the Mississippi River drainage basin. Their diet consists mainly on aquatic vegetation such as water plants and algae with occasional meat from fish that they swallow whole underwater to digest later..

Red-eared sliders are turtles that can be found in different colors. They are also known as “red eared sliders”. These turtles eat vegetables like lettuce and carrots, but they also love fruit.

What do baby red eared turtles need?

A: Baby red eared turtles need a lot of things. They need to be kept in a tank with water and a basking area, they need to have their shells cleaned regularly, they need calcium supplements, and they also need food that is high in protein.


Baby red ear turtles are a type of turtle that is typically found in the eastern United States. They have a distinctive red-colored shell with black markings and are often called “sliders”. Baby red eared slider turtles eat small invertebrates like worms, snails, slugs, crickets, and insects. Reference: baby red eared slider turtle care.

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