What Do Baby Green Turtles Eat?

The green turtle is the largest sea turtle, and can reach lengths of up to 3.6 meters (12 feet). They are also known as honu in Hawaiian and by other names around the world. Baby turtles hatch from their eggs on land as soon as they hit it!

Baby green turtles eat mostly algae, but they also like to eat small fish and crustaceans. They are carnivorous, eating meat as well. Read more in detail here: what do baby turtles eat.

How do you take care of a baby green turtle?

A: The best way to take care of a baby green turtle is to keep it in an aquarium with plenty of water and plants. It is important that the tank has a lid so the turtle cant escape. Turtles are carnivores, so they need to be fed meaty foods like fish or shrimp.

What can turtles eat and not eat?

A: Turtles can eat a wide variety of food, but they cannot eat anything that is too big for them to swallow. They also cannot eat things like chocolate or candy because these substances are not good for their health.

Baby green turtles are carnivores. They eat a variety of different things, including fish and crustaceans. Reference: what do water turtles eat.

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