What Can Baby Turtles Eat?

The baby turtle is a sea turtle that spends its first few years of life floating in the ocean. Before it can swim, float, or crawl on land by itself, it needs to eat some live food for strength and growth! What are your favorite foods for young turtles?

Baby turtles need special food that they can only eat from human food. Here is a list of what baby turtles should be eating.

How do you keep a baby turtle alive?

A: You need to keep the turtle in a tank with a lid on it. The turtle will not be able to come out of the tank, but it can still breathe. Turtles are very hardy creatures and can live for years in captivity.

Will a baby turtle eat my fish?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. Turtles are carnivorous, so they would likely eat your fish. However, there is no way to know for sure what will happen until the turtle actually eats your fish.

How do I get my baby turtle to eat pellets?

A: I am not an expert on turtles, but I would recommend that you try and find a turtle-specific food. You can also try to put the pellets in a small dish with water, as this may help your turtle eat them easier.

Baby turtles are just starting to eat solid foods and need to be fed vegetables. Here is a list of some vegetables that baby turtles can eat. Reference: what vegetables can turtles eat.

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