What Animals Eat Box Turtles?

Box turtles are a species of turtle that is very common in the United States. They can be found throughout North America and Central America, with populations also found in Western Europe. They eat plants, but they occasionally eat smaller animals such as amphibians and small reptiles.

The “what animal eats turtles” is a question that is asked often. The answer to this question is: Box turtles eat mostly plants, with some insects and small amounts of meat.

How do I protect my box turtle nest?

A: If youre in the United States, its illegal to touch or harm a box turtle. In order to protect your nest, you can put it in a bucket with water and place it on top of a low plant so that predators cannot reach it.

The “do owls eat turtles” is a question about what animals eat box turtles. It’s not known for sure what the answer is, but it’s likely that they do.

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