How Do Turtles Eat Jellyfish?

The sea turtle is a marine reptile that inhabits all of the world’s oceans, except for parts of Antarctica. It has only one functional lung and must surface to breathe air every 10-20 minutes or risk asphyxiation. When it comes across a jellyfish on its hunt, how does the turtle eat this foreign creature?

“Sea turtles eat jellyfish and get high” is a common misconception. Sea turtles do not eat jellyfish to get high, they are actually eating the jellyfish to help them digest their food.

How do turtles eat box jellyfish?

A: Turtles have a very hard shell that protects them from predators. They can also use their mouth to catch and eat prey. Box jellyfish are covered in stinging cells that can cause pain and irritation, but they cannot penetrate the turtles hard shell.

Turtles eat jellyfish because they are mostly water. They also have a strong beak that can break the jellyfish’s skin, allowing them to suck out the gooey insides. Reference: what do turtles eat.

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