How Can Turtles Eat Jellyfish?

Although jellyfish are the most venomous animals in the sea, turtles can eat them because they have a hard mouth. A biologist named Dr. Isobelle Georgi has revealed that she was able to feed her turtle by sticking a nylon thread into its throat and then tying it around a live jellyfish. The entire process took less than two minutes from start to finish!

The “how do turtles eat jellyfish without getting stung” is a question that has been asked by many people. It’s not an easy task for the turtles, but they can do it if they’re smart enough.

How are jellyfish affected by plastic?

A: Jellyfish are affected by plastic in the same way that other marine life is. They can ingest it and become entangled, or they can be killed if they come into contact with a large enough quantity of plastic.

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