How Can Sea Turtles Eat Jellyfish?

Sea turtles are a type of sea turtle that have the ability to eat jellyfish. Jellyfish and other types of marine animals have stingers on their tentacles which can inject venom into people or fish when in contact with them, so it is important for sea turtles to be able to eat them. There are two main reasons why some species of sea turtles feed on jellyfish: firstly because they contain more energy than prey (what sharks typically hunt); secondly because these animals provide an easier source of food during times where water temperature is low such as winter months.,

Jellyfish have a dangerous sting that can cause pain and discomfort. Sea turtles are able to eat jellyfish without getting stung because they have a special organ called the radula, which is like a comb with tiny teeth. The radula is used for filtering out the jellyfish’s stinging cells from their food.

Why do turtles eat jellyfish?

A: Turtles eat jellyfish because they are a source of food. Jellyfish have many stinging cells that release chemicals when touched, which can cause pain and irritation in the mouth. Turtles often mistake these for prey and swallow them whole.

Sea turtles eat jellyfish, which are a type of invertebrate. Jellyfish have gelatinous bodies and can be seen floating in the ocean. Reference: what do sea turtles eat in the ocean.

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