Box Turtle Eggs How Long to Hatch?

Box turtle eggs are the perfect food to hatch your own baby box turtles. They can take a few weeks or even months, but in general if you follow these instructions, your babies should be ready to go!

Box turtle eggs are laid by the female box turtle. The eggs will take about a month to hatch. The female box turtle will lay between 5-8 eggs at a time, and they can be found in most yards.


How can you tell if a box turtle egg is fertile?

A: Box turtles lay eggs that are about the size of a ping-pong ball. The eggs will be brown, and will have a dark spot in the middle. If you find an egg with this spot, it is fertile and can hatch into a baby turtle.

The “how to hatch box turtle eggs without an incubator” is a popular question that many people ask. The answer will be found in the article, which has detailed instructions on how to hatch your eggs.

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